Butterflies, bats and wolves ~ dream interpretation, please!

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Butterflies, bats and wolves ~ dream interpretation, please!

Post by srspratt on Fri Apr 02, 2010 6:59 am

There was a group of people living together in a house in
the woods. I felt like we were living there because we had been forced to leave our homes in the city. Whatever had forced us to leave our homes, had followed us to the woods. It was desolate there. No green grass, no leaves on the trees, the sky was dark and gray. There were butterflies
(tons of them) and they were flying away and someone said, “They know what’s
coming and they’re leaving”. When
the butterflies were gone, the bats came. Some of the bats were falling to the ground dead. When the bats were gone, giant wolves
came. We couldn’t drink the
water. We had to add salt to the
water and boil it. I had to keep
adding more water because it was SO salty, but I was anxious and didn't really wait until it boiled before I tasted it. Someone had some lemonade. I took a drink and it was curdled. The man said that he was drinking it anyway because it he
was taught to appreciate things.
We were going to drive down to Florida
and pick someone up to watch the kids so that we could all go out of the house
in groups. As we were driving we
were amazed that people in Jackson, MI were not afraid to be outside. They were outside alone, they were
doing yard work, normal outdoor activities. We kind of joked about it and wondered why they were not afraid there. It was spring time there. There were not leaves on the trees yet, but they were budding and the grass was greening up. I went outside and a wolf bit me. When the wolf bit me, I could see in my mind a man that I had seen grab a wolf by the mouth and break the jaws of the wolf. When it bit me, I couldn't move. It didn't hurt, but I was paralyzed. Everyday the land around us became more desolate. Things that were
once common comforts were no longer available to us. My neighbor was crying because she had to buy milk in a jug
instead of getting it fresh from the farm.

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