Son dreams of flying

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Son dreams of flying

Post by hind'sfeet on Wed Mar 31, 2010 8:23 pm

I was one of those round weird helicopters people use for the news and search, and it looked really old, dull brown. The right side of the helicopter was connected to a jet that was also dull brown. I was sitting in the helicopter looking at the back of the jet. We were inside a building. The top of the jet had convertible top but the back side of the convertible top though closed was missing the back half. I see the pilot of the jet. He asked me "hey what is this thing for" I told him "that it was for snow" then he opened the convertible top.
We were looking at the hangar doors and in front of the hangar doors was a forest. We flew out of the hangar. The pilot was was controling the jet and the helicopter. First the jet pilot controls both aircraft and then I grabbed the controls for my helicopter and steered it a little, the left controlled the speed and the right controlled the direction the helicopter goes. We were dodging trees and I saw a clear patch through the trees and then we turned around. We landed and were facing one of the sides of the hangar and we detached the jet and the helicopter. I start to fly my helicopter and I was at one of those moments where I felt like it was too good to be true and wouldn't last much longer. I landed the helicopter and woke up.
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