dream about kids a flood

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dream about kids a flood

Post by awesomegod16 on Wed Mar 31, 2010 5:52 am

I dreamed about this flood last night I think it was a school full of kids or something. Anyway everyone was gathered in this huge warehouse place waiting for transportation to take them out of there. we knew that there was a flood coming but it hadnt arrived yet. so everyone was gathered there to wait. my sister was in the dream, which added a new dimension because i was busy trying to move my stuff above ground level to this upper loft that was in there and now i had the responsibility of having to take care of her stuff. i was running around trying to get my things up on the loft and her stuff too. after the kids/students left the situation got more serious. everyone knew there was going to be a flood but it was to be total destruction. and a lot of people had already left and they were first instructed not to take everything so they left behind a lot of their things. i not only had the responsibility of my things and not only my sisters but trying to get everyone's personal stuff up on a higher level or up off the ground so it would not be destroyed. i kept going up to that loft trying to pack and get my things together and then go around and get other people's stuff too. it is interesting that no lost of life was going to be, just trying to get stuff taking care of. and i dont think it was that people knew how serious it was going to be. its like what difference does material things cost or whats their worth, yet i had that responsibility after everyone was gone to take care of it. and no one knew how serious the flood was, until later. yet at first there was grave concern for the safety of everyone so it wasnt like there wasnt danger.

that was the dream.


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