kissing wrong girl?

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kissing wrong girl?

Post by webbsaj on Mon Mar 29, 2010 9:18 am

So this s one of those dreams that i'm sure if it means something or if it was just a dream. It's very short, i dreamt about a girl i know, whom i have thought to be attractive, but i haven't given much thought to because i believe God has already revealed to me the girl he has chosen for me. Anyway, it my dream she was acting very flirtatious towards me and we ended up kissing quite a bit. The dream ended there. The girl i believe God has for me, her name is Catherine, but everyone calls her Cat. She is not a Christian yet, one reason I am waiting to pursue her. The girl in my dream is a mutual friend of ours, and she has been a good inflluence on Cat. What caught my attention about this dream is that when when i woke up i realized something, be we started kissing, she was walking around me with her body up against mine, kind of like a CAT would do. Any thoughts? Thanks

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Re: kissing wrong girl?

Post by Jodi on Mon Mar 29, 2010 9:51 am

I'm not sure and I have not yet completed the interpretation test ( I only had ideas about 6 of the 12 dreams, and I'm waiting to hear if those 6 were on or off target.) So pray before believing what I suggest might be happening with this dream.

The girl who you were kissing is actually symbolic because she was not acting like herself - she was acting like a cat. Maybe she symbolizes the girl called Cat, but at a time when she is displaying Christian characteristics similar to the girl in the dream. Maybe you were seeing the influence this girl has on Cat by seeing Cat symbolized as the other girl.

But consider also that maybe the tension of waiting for Cat to become Christian and the certainty of the other girl's Chrsitianity might have prompted you to desire that Cat would be "more like her."

These are my thoughts, but as I said, please pray for the Holy Spirit to say "yes" or "no" to these thoughts.

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