Please can you interpete my dreams?

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Please can you interpete my dreams?

Post by Sandra Trombas on Sun Mar 28, 2010 12:26 pm

Please can you interpete my dreams, I've had three that's worrying and would like to know what they mean.

The first dream I had about 2 months ago. I saw myself on a ship that had a big hole on the side of it and it was about to go down. I was the only passenger on the ship, I saw two men working on the whole. I just wanted to jump off. In the ocean facing me was a lot of ships and boats, the water was a foamy white. Eventualy I jumped into the water, I felt ice blocks next to my legs, but I did'nt feel the cold in the water. I then saw a tug boat come to pick me up and take me back to the ship that had the hole.

2nd Dream: I saw myself sitting across a desk facing a man, I could'nt see who it was. We were talking. On top of my head was very large green leaves, a lot of them, and they were worrying me, as they were in my way while I was talking to this man.

Last dream: I saw myself riding a horse. This horse was very calm and very obedient. This horse was just walking straight, but listened to me when I told it to turn right.

I would be very greatful if you can inteprete the three dreams, as its worrying me, I would like to know what they mean?

Thanking you most sincerely,


Sandra Trombas
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Re: Please can you interpete my dreams?

Post by dreamster on Sun Mar 28, 2010 8:37 pm

hello,,D here, ,,intaresting drms,,um drm 1,,,r u in a situation wher u feel like jumping ship,,it kood be a job or a church place thats damaged an sinkin,, ,,r u running from something,,but find urself being taken bak to the ''ship'',,maybe its a relationship issue,,and ur in kold water,, ,,drm2,,,u r perhaps goin tru a time of growth,,that will be rewarding 4 u,,but ur self concious about it an wat ppl wood think,, drm3,,,um the horse represents a position of authority and power,,u r in sucha place,,u are calmly making ur way forward,,but will makea change of direction,,,, ,,just mi thorts,,ptl, D

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