John Chapter 4 Verse 11- And hanging off a bridge And Storms

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John Chapter 4 Verse 11- And hanging off a bridge And Storms

Post by gordie on Sat Mar 27, 2010 10:40 pm

I had a very unusual but disturbing dream last night. I dreamt I was in my old neighbourhood and my parents were away and I had to stay with a neighbour and he came and prayed with me before I went to bed and he poured water out of a bottle of still mineral water on my head and told me there was a huge annointing on my life. And to read John Chapter 4 Verse 11 and this would keep on coming up in all sorts of way over the next few days. Next part of the dream we were on the way back in a car from Dundee and there was an announcement on the radio that the second biggest bridge in Scotland was closed due to an accident, this alarmed me as we were approaching this and suddenly all this traffic appeared and it stopped (in real life I have a phobia about travelling) We were stopped for a very short time before we moved and he said maybe the worst of the storm is over but as we were driving along the road by the sea we saw huge black ripples in the water and then he asked what is that and he pointed at a massive wave like a tsunami in the distance and I asked him what that meant and he said it could be trouble ahead like prison or an illness. We came to the bridge and there was a slight delay and we entered a tarpaulin used by police to cover up dead bodies if there is an accident and we ended up hanging off the edge of the bridge in the car with a huge drop and he said dont move whatever you do and his wife tried to call emergency but we were both getting angry as no one was answering and I asked the man shall we pray and he said no it wont do any good. Which was strange because he had told me there was a huge annointing on my life. I told the woman in the car I thought I was having a heart attack and she told me I wasnt. Next we got out of the trap we were in and we were driving along a railway track really fast and trains were passing us at high speed and waving to us they did not seem at all concerned that we were driving on a railway line. Please help me with this apoligies for it being so long.

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