Change, Water, Wads of folded money, Car parts and debris, & Little Wayne

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Change, Water, Wads of folded money, Car parts and debris, & Little Wayne

Post by chasel27 on Sat Mar 27, 2010 8:44 pm

Can you please tell me what the meaning of these symbols are. Change, Water, Debris & Car parts, Little Wayne and his white brother.

I did meet someone new this weekend that would fit the description of Little Waynes brother. Can you tell me if this is good or bad.

Here's the Dream:

I had a dream that I was walking through some shallow water on a hill. The water
was cystal clear, a really faint blue color. Then I noticed some change in the
water. The change was very sparkely, that's what made me look down. It was like
a quarter, couple of nickels and a dime. So I picked it up. Then as I was
walking, I noticed big wads of folded money laying in piles in the water. There
were one hundred dollar bills and twenty dollar bills. I started picking that
up and stuffing it in my pockets. Pretty soon the pockets in my cotton shorts
were full and the money was starting to fall out. I also wanted to hurry up and
finish stuffing the money in my pockets because I figured drug dealers must have
left it. Then I saw little Wayne and his White brother that looked just like
him trying to follow me. Little Wayne was trying to fix me up with his brother.
I just wanted to get away because I did want the dope dealers lookin for me
cause I found their money.

All I can remember saying is the wealth of the wicked is stored up for the

Then I saw some debris or car parts in the water going down the stream.

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