Husband and I Attacked By Hellhounds

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Husband and I Attacked By Hellhounds

Post by dem on Sat Mar 27, 2010 10:34 am

I dreamt that I was standing outside on my parentís street at night, and saw this hellhound on the prowl. I went inside the house, it was one of my former neighbors across the streetís house, but my husband and I were living there. A small hellhound was in the house and it tried to attack me, but I grabbed it and stuffed a dead hellhound in its mouth. I thought it choked to death because it stopped moving. Sometime later, I saw the hellhound waking up and it was now a small doll. I warned my husband that it was behind him, and he turned around and it bit him in his stomach.

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Re: Husband and I Attacked By Hellhounds

Post by SCGirlyGrl on Sat Mar 27, 2010 1:54 pm

I have not taken the accuracy test, but I would like to respond to this dream.

Your neighbors house represents the church you attend and your spiritual life.

The hellhounds are demons. (many older saints refer to the Spirit of God as the HOUND OF HEAVEN) So, this "hellhound" is a counterfit of what may seem Godly.

It's a small hellhound, so many people will not see it for the damage that it can inflict. You however, see it for exactly what it is. You know how to "kill" them (hence the dead hellhound stuffed into the mouth of the live one)

The hellhound will stop what it is doing for a while, so you assume that it is over and done with.

This hellhound has the ability to change spirits, if you will. It starts off as one thing, and comes back as something else.

When it comes back as the doll, it will do more damage. It has greater power this time.

By warning your husband, You are sounding the alarm, your husband here represents Jesus, because your husband is your head since you are married, as well as your covering, and Christ is the covering over your husband. (I hope that makes sense)

It bit him in his stomach. This represents that this thing has the ability to do severe damage to the Spirit. The Spirit of God is centered in our abdomen region close to/around the stomach. By attacking in the stomach, it is going straight after all that is Godly and right and pure. By being a "doll", many will just assume that it is harmless and will not inflict damage, but you know better because you've seen it on the prowl.

There is something from hell that is comming after you/your Church (not exactly sure which) and God has given you a warning. You will see it comming Spiritually (and maybe even physically). God says do not let your guard down.

These are just my thoughts, but I repeat that I have not taken the accuracy test, so please pray about this.

Blessings and Love in Christ.
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