Boyfriend trying to send me home

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Boyfriend trying to send me home

Post by chasel27 on Fri Mar 26, 2010 4:42 pm

My former boyfriend and I jus recently started talking again and he asked me to relocate to his hometown and go to school with him. I'm sounds serious this time but I'm not sure if he will flake out on me again.


I had a dream that he was with another girl and they were arguing in the back room of his house. Then some how they were arguing outside on the front lawn and I was on the front lawn on my ATV wheeler and he was trying to put back on my ATV wheeler and send me back home.

I'm wondering if this is a literal dream that if I move up there, will he try and send me back home again. The plan right now is to date until I finish school, and then get married after I finish. We plan on having our own separate places until we marry.

Please help me

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