War Invasion Dream...Another country invading the U.S.

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War Invasion Dream...Another country invading the U.S.

Post by Courtney on Fri Mar 26, 2010 2:06 pm

I have very vivid dreams and have done so since I was young. I alway's write my dreams down and just hold onto them. Some have come to pass, and some haven't yet. Just about all dreams/visions have to do with war etc.

Let me give an example. A week before 9/11, I called my mother because I had a vision, not a dream. In my vision I was driving down Richmond Ave., driving towards the East. I had a sunroof in my car. It was a beautiful sunny day outside. As I looked out of the sunroof while sitting at a stop light, I saw 4 - Boeing 747 planes in uniform heading towards our downtown, which is in Houston, TX. I felt shreiking terror within me, then the vision was over. I immediately called my mother after the vision was over and told her everything, then pulled into the nearest parking lot and wrote everything down, detail for detail. My mother couldn't interpret the vision, but told me to make sure I kept what I had wrote down in a safe place, as my visions/dreams do come to pass quite oftenly.

I was stunned to be on my way to work the morning of Sept. 11th and hear on the radio about the planes that flew into the WTC. I didn't even think of my vision, until that evening when I got home and heard everything loud and clear. There were 4 planes hijacked, and so on and so forth. I immediately felt that my vision was a warning of what had happened. Anyway, this was just an example of what my visions are like.

Today's dream: March 26, 2010

It started with me at an unknown home. A brick two-story home, on a corner T-street. I was visiting with my family, and out of no where we heard explosions, and felt the earth shake, along with the house, and everything in it like an earthquake. The power went off immediately. We thought it was an earthquake however said immpossible, "Earthquakes don't happen in Houston." I had said. I ran to the window, and saw huge missle shells lying all over the streets. This is what we had felt as explosion. Along with the missles, was a yellow powder all over like some type of biological agent. As I am looking out I see military men all over the streets with machine guns, shooting at all the houses. One man in particular was looking straight at me and coming towards the house with a machine gun. I got a very good look at him. He was olive skinned, round face, almond shaped eyes. He looked either polynesian or asian. Unsure. As he saw me he started shooting his machine gun at the house. We all got to the ground and I could see every bullet flying at us however never got touched by any of the bullets. I remember stating "God is protecting us". We stayed on the floor until we stopped hearing gunfire. I then got up, and heard men talking in our language, and looked out the window again. Our military was outside riding in jeeps, with guns, hard hats, and gas masks on. I looked up into the sky and saw tear shaped clouds going up. As two of our military men walked by, I asked why the clouds looked like that. I asked if it was caused by biological agents. The military man said "No. This is what happens when missles have been fired, and that was the after result." I then asked what all the yellow powder was, and if it was radioactive. He said, "Just stay in your home, there is a curfew." I watched as not one civilian was outside, only our military, however when I looked over some two-story houses down the block there was a flag posted. It was white, and had a symbol in red that appeared to be the same stmbol as the Communism Chinese Flag, and attached to the top connecting with it appeared a half moon symbol with a post which reminded me of Turkey's flag minus the star. During all of the warfare I only kept thinking of my baby girl (17 mths. old), who was not with me, she was at home with my husband. I kept thinking "Oh My God....are they shooting at her and my husband like they were with us, and hoping and praying they were alright." I finally got to my husband and baby, and the same had happened there but they were also unharmed.

I just feel this dream was so vivid and is really bothering me. Just a couple of month's back I had a dream of our money changing, and was if we were under another nation. That's a good one! I'll have to write about it some time. I even have one from 12 years ago where again, there were explosions, and radiation poisoning, and an ambulance coming to my home and the EMT's were wearing all white, with black bands around their right arms that said U.N......and they kept asking for my papers, and healthcare documents, and I couldn't find it so they left me in the street to die. That one is a really good vision!

Anyway, if someone could help me interpret this I would so greatly appreciate it!
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