War Dream on a Camel with a small gun need interpetation

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War Dream on a Camel with a small gun need interpetation

Post by Empowered2010 on Fri Mar 26, 2010 9:59 am

Hi, My dream was about riding a camel down a stairway, (inside a building) ending up at a deserted place, like a desert. I am in back of the battle, bringing up the rear. I notice enemy (people) who had laid down and let our army ride on by, then popped up and were ready for battle. I was very comfortable on my camel, (i have never rode one) but remmeber how smart this camel was, and knew it was doing it's best to go the the battle field, after climbing over rocks (like a desert) and then to the battle.
I then take out my gun, (about the size of a childs pop gun) and start to shoot at a very blury enemy. I have good eyesight only use (in waking hours) eye glasses for reading. These people were hard to see, just forms, no deffination, just blury. So I shoot at them with this tiny gun by faith hoping to do some damage to the enemy. Some fall, but my camel is very persistent to follow the lead of the others, (who I did not see) but knew they were quickly traveling to another battle...
any help?
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