Prayed for 3 Young Women who tried to rob me...

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Prayed for 3 Young Women who tried to rob me...

Post by Dream223 on Fri Mar 26, 2010 9:28 am

In the dream, I was living at a home I used to live in when I was young in real life. I looked out the window and notice three young women stealing some tools off our front porch. I yelled for them to stop and they looked at me through the window and ran off, dropping the tools onto the porch. I go outside after them and notice that they are trying to steal form the house next door, I call for them to come back to my house. I tell them that they do not have to steal and that God will provide them with a job. We all hold hands and pray that God will supply them with what they need. We all hug and I look one of the women in the eyes and tell her that if she does not get a job to come back. As all three women were leaving the porch, I said to them that it won't hurt to let me know when they get their jobs. End.

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