2 Shades of Blue Hair?

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2 Shades of Blue Hair?

Post by Dream223 on Fri Mar 26, 2010 9:23 am

I honestly cannot remember all of the dream.

What I do recall in this particular dream is that I am on my way to my mothers (we do not live together). I am going to borrow a soup bowl and clothing hangers. When I arrive at her home (a hoem that I grew up in in real life), I notice that my mothe has removed me an done of my sisters from all th efamily photos on her wall. My mother is upset and doesn't want to lend the things I came for. Next, as I am walking down the street, I notice a bin full of old hangers that my grandparents are throwing away sitting on their porch. A cousin, "M" (irl) comes out to greet me and she has blue hair and put a blue wig on top of her hair (her blue hair and the blue wig are differet shades of blue and different textures). My cousin "M" is trying to tell me that my sister (the other sister that was taken out of the pictures at my mother's house is suffering from cancer. (She was saying some other things but I cannot remember what).

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