little girl found in army plane

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little girl found in army plane

Post by awesomegod16 on Fri Mar 26, 2010 4:54 am

Last night I dreamed about these soldiers who were doing maneuvers. And their superiors were watching them. There were two soldiers who were running and
then diving into the ground. And there
was a plane that was out there. It looked like it was being used for the
training. There was a line of soldiers
out there. This one girl did the ground training where she hit the ground
really hard. I thought she might have
gotten hurt doing it but she didnít. Then
there was this plane that she went up to, and she hit the door and I thought
she was going to through something in it.
Anyway later on that same plane was now being used for training and this
woman opened the door to go in and they found a child inside. It was a surprise to everyone because it was
like she was left inside by accident. She
also looked Asian. She was just there. The army woman went to the girl and was
hugging her. The army woman was crying
like she was her long lost child or something. It seemed like the army woman
thought the girl had been hurt but she wasnít.
She was just on that plane. No one knew where she came from.

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