Help, Husband Killed In Dream!

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Help, Husband Killed In Dream! Empty Help, Husband Killed In Dream!

Post by dem on Thu Mar 25, 2010 12:23 pm

Help, Husband Killed In Dream! 527521 I dreamt that my husband and I were walking on this narrow dirt path. We walked past these 2 statues of basketball player legends that looked like they played when basketball first started. Their uniforms looked very dated. the statues were in this grass field beside the dirt path. One player was young and one was old. I turned around to look at the statues, and when I turned back around, my husband began walking off the path onto the field of tall grass. We were supposed to be going through this corn maze, and i was wondering why he went off the path. I followed him and he went to this open square area in the field that was bordered by tall grass that looked like a gate with an opening for the entrance. the grass on the ground inside the square was dead and flat and was used as flooring and there was a homemade bed made out of thick branches and other natural elements raised above the ground. When my husband turned around, it was another man. I got scared and began to back up. The man was trying to get me to go in there with him. i turned the other way and began walking very fast and broke out into a run. my aunt's sister-in-law came up to me and said let's go. My aunt's brother-in-law then ran up to the guy who pretended to be my husband and tackled him to the ground and began beating him severely. I thought he was going to kill him the way he was beating on him and I was concerned. I couldn't believe I didn't notice the man wasn't my husband. A reporter had wanted to interview me and she had a scripted statement she wanted me to say. What she had written was a lie. She had made up a fictitious incident, and made it sound like I knew the guy. The reporter new who this guy was. He was a wanted criminal and the police had been trying to catch him for a while. I told her I didn't know the guy or his name. I thought he was my husband since I was walking with my husband. i told her i would only say what was true. That as a Christian woman i would not lie, and my words have to honor my God. She said, ok then. I was in this building and Cross Movement (a Christian Rap group) was there. i was walking with a young lady telling her that i felt like part of my body was missing, and how empty I felt without my husband. I began walking alone pacing the hall trying to figure out what happened to my husband. Then i realized that when I turned around to look at the statues, that must have been when the man did something to my husband, and put on his clothes to make me think he was my husband. I didn't want to think My husband was dead, but instead missing. As time passed, the reality of his death became clear. As i walked pass each member of Cross Movement, I wanted them to console me, but they just looked at me briefly and went along their business. I fell down on my knees and began crying and I heard words from a song saying "Lift Up to God" Phanatic, one of the members of Cross movent was walking past me rapping the chorus "Lift Up to God", "Lift Up To God". When I heard the song it comforted me briefly. I began worrying about how my son and i were going to make it without my husband. Someone told me that My husband had left me enough money where we would be well off. I told them my husband didn't have that much. The person was saying, you don't know do you? then the person told me how much he left. I told the person they must be mistaken. I think I said, "the amount was 40 thousand, not million." The person then showed me the insurance plan. I think it was 140 million dollars. I think that's why Cross Movement didn't come to console me, because they knew I was well taken care of. It was enough money for my son and I to live comfortably the rest our lives. I knew it was a blessing from the LORD. I began looking for a house, and bought one. My new house was chaotic because I had furniture everywhere. Both my furniture and my husband's furniture that we accumilated over the years were in the house. A friend of mine wanted to help move some stuff, but I wouldn't let her. I didn't want to get rid of anything. All the furniture made me feel like my husband was still there.

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Help, Husband Killed In Dream! Empty Re: Help, Husband Killed In Dream!

Post by lola21st on Thu Mar 25, 2010 5:58 pm

Praise the Lord, Dem!

I've read your dreams and I will interpret this one later when I have more time to spend with it, ok? (If anyone else has an interpretation or thoughts to share, please go ahead and post...)

A couple of things I want to share in the meantime:

- While I know of instances where people have dreamt of adultery and the dreams manifested, sometimes our emotions play out in our dreams (first part of Ecclesiates 5:3 - As a dream comes when there are many cares) and I believe that's what is occuring in your other dreams, i.e., it could be that those dreams are more reflective of how you are feeling about your marriage and those feelings are surfacing in your dreams, I don't think they're prophetic dreams - at least I personally don't have an interpretation. Having said that, I know of others who have prophetically dreamt of adultery and the dreams manifested.

I say these things because we have to be so careful with these types of dreams to really seek the confirmation of the Lord (and that's exactly what you're doing by posting them in this forum which is wise). Sometimes, the adultery theme in dreams can be symbolic and have a completely different meaning (see Daphanie02's posts regarding cheating dreams as a reference -

While I can't tell you whether or not your husband is cheating on you, what I can tell you is that Christian marriages are under attack and the enemy will do anything and everything to destroy them. As such, you (in general, not just you) have to cover your marriage through prayer. There was thread where this was discussed, there is a lot of good encouragement - I will try to find it and post it for you, ok?

Bless You

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