Vivid dream; request interpretation

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Vivid dream; request interpretation

Post by lhmccracken on Tue Mar 23, 2010 11:33 am

I had this dream months ago and it is as if I had it yesterday. It is quite long and I normally do not dream such detailed, lengthy dreams. I would appreciate some thoughts as I am at a true crossroads and seeking God for direction. Here it is:
Dream - July 2009

I was in the front doorway of a light green house with white trim with a large group of people crowded behind me and to my left side. As I looked to my right I saw the sky was extremely dark and threatening and knew there was a very large and destructive storm coming. I yelled to everyone that we had to evacuate to escape this deadly storm. When I said this, two boys and two girls in their late teens, came running out onto the front lawn and seeing the storm became very excited. They wanted to go towards it, as storm chasers would. I yelled for them not to go, (I knew they would die), but they ignored me. There was a small blue car parked on the street in front of the house that the four teens jumped into and headed off in the direction of the approaching storm. I then repeated loudly my warning that we had to leave now to the people with me at the doorway and in the house.

I began loading them on an old yellow school bus that parked directly on the street in front. I sat in the drivers seat and drove the bus very fast in the opposite direction of the storm. I was not afraid just determined to get us all to safety before the storm hit.

I had taken a baby in my arms tightly wrapped in a blanket onto the bus with me. I carefully placed it in a basket directly behind the drivers seat making sure it would not be able to shift about and was securely on the floor between the driver seat and the first bench seat. As I drove I kept checking to make sure the baby was safe and not being tossed about in the bus. I could not distinguish exactly who was on the bus with me except I knew some were family and the rest were strangers. As I started to drive I was not aware of looking out the front windshield, but became very aware of the deep darkness and storm surrounding the bus on both sides as I drove. I saw car and objects flying by carried by a strong, hurricane-like winds and the bus was shuttering by the violence of the wind and storm. At some point, when I realized how strong the wind was, I cried out loudly, “Lord, help me!” I was not afraid at all, just determined and my crying out was a request knowing God would help me if I asked. Immediately the bus became stable and I was able to drive straight through the storm without being harmed although it continued all around us.

I reached a place in which the storm was finally behind us and the sky was dark gray and threatening. I stopped the bus as if to take a break and the people unloaded for a rest.
It was then I realized that the baby I had been protecting had his father on the bus with us. The baby had now grown from an infant during our trip to about 12-14 months old, yet unable to walk. This man, however, also had a toddler, a girl, whom he had been traveling with. After stopping the bus we unloaded unto an overgrown lawn with a two story, very old, gray colored, wood shingled house with boarded up windows. It was in a condemned condition state and very unsafe. I carried the child with me from the bus. It was then I noticed that the father had become separated from his toddler daughter while we were unloading and he ran towards the dilapidated house thinking she had gone either in or behind it. I turned back towards the street and saw his daughter was running into the street (in the opposite direction). I yelled to her to stop and then yelled to her father not to go into the house, (since I sensed danger) and as I started running to try to stop the child I called for her father to help me get his daughter. Before I could reach this child a speeding red door sedan driving by hit her without stopping. I instantly knew she had been killed as she was lying lifeless in the street. The father, however, either could not hear me or ignored me and continued towards the house disappearing either in it or around the back. I could no longer see him and felt such extreme sadness and helplessness over the death of the little girl. I knew this man would not be coming with us anymore and there was no hope for his daughter. For some reason I did not go to this child in the street; it was as if the accident had happened and there was nothing left for me to do to help her.

I then picked up the child I had been protecting. There was an acre or more of lawn in front of this old house and to my left was setup a type of field hospital unit with rows of wounded people lying on sheets in the grass. It had become dusk and camping-type lanterns lit the field. The injured and bleeding were getting medical attention from what I thought were doctors and nurses. I walked among them and explained to the child these were people who had been injured by the storm and were being treated. I continued through the field-like lawn and walked back towards the bus and began loading the people back into it.

Once everyone was in the bus I continued driving. As I drove the sky was turning clearer and the dark storm clouds disappeared. The next destination we reached was a country type neighborhood with acres of green meadows and two houses on either side of a hilly, winding street. One was a large sky blue colonial house with white shutters and a large white porch, and the other a smaller house across the street that was light green with white trim. The blue home was in excellent, newer condition while the green was an older ranch type house. The sky was a beautiful baby blue with billows of white clouds, and a bright sun against gorgeous mountains. It was very peaceful and seemed like a painting. I knew instinctively it had been abandoned because of the storm and no one would be returning. I also knew that I could stop now if I wanted and live in the blue house if I chose away from all harm and accept the peace it offered me.

Although I only saw this through the bus door, I knew the houses were completely furnished with everything needed to live in this place. I had to make a choice to stay here and make a new life or keep driving and have to go through possibly more dangers and storms. I knew it was my choice and a crossroads of an important decision time in my life. I woke up without making a definite decision but with the feeling the right decision would have been to keep going to find more people who needed help. I knew I would have left the people I had brought with me here while I continued on,possibly alone, in the bus. It was at this point I woke up.

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