Marriage, cut legs and salad.

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Marriage, cut legs and salad.

Post by Fisherman on Tue Mar 23, 2010 4:03 am

Hey there, I had a dream and a bit of help would be greatly appreciated:)

Tim was having a wedding. He couldn't hear the music very well so someone else turned up the music. It was my stereo that was playing. And tim didn't really know who he was marrying. And there were only his best men there. I knew that he was already married but he was going to marry someone invisible. 

There was Kate with a big gash in her leg, and was waiting for the wedding to be over so she could get help with her leg. She was in lots of pain but wasn't going to interrupt until the wedding was over. 

Went to this food place that sold, beef and stuff. 
 I was complaining that it cost too much. 
I decided to get sausages and potato. Potatoe I thought was $10 but when I looked closer it wasn't potatoe it was something else. My friend Soni asked for something else but that too wasn't what I thought it would be.  The girl at the counter, recommended  salad stuff and egg and after a while I decided to go with her suggestion. 

Their bench top that they had, used to be an access way. It had  a cut out of Australia but it got put back. And there was another cut out of half of Australia on the end of the bench as well. I Was thinking they could do with a new bench

Was talking to Adelene. She had the most amazin green hazel eyes.and I asked if she was going to youthgroup. And she was later if she finished her study. 

The last scene I remember there was a massive group of people and it  was like  nothing i had ever seen before.It was as though a camera was panning over hundreds of thousands of people. 

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Re: Marriage, cut legs and salad.

Post by Jodi on Wed Mar 24, 2010 7:27 am

I don't know where Tim is at with God, but getting married to someone invisible sounds like making a commitment to Christ.

The end part with hundreds of thousands of people, being mentioned right after talking about youth group, made me think of revival.

Maybe if Tim is already a Christian, the marriage is like renewing vows, or like a personal revival of commitment.

Ask God to reveal if this is (or isn't) the meaning.

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