Always pouring water for othgers.

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Always pouring water for othgers.

Post by steadygaze on Tue Mar 23, 2010 1:08 am

Blessings beautiful ones of God


I seemed to be one who was always pouring water into pitchers and coffee pots etc, I loved pouring water and serving others and people in authority. I was at this conference and I was there to help who was ministering there. I was sitting at this round table with a little three or four year old girl. This little girl spoke a word over me or to me of great importance but I do not remember what it was. I saw another minister I know only a little bit walk by, I also know him in real life as well he has his own ministry.Well anyway as soon as I saw him I thought I did not know he was going to be there and I did not care much for him, just like in real life because I sense something about him that is not quite right spiritually but can not put my finger on it.Then the guy who was there to minister to the peoples who I was working for or was there to help who is like a Father figure asks me if I would fill water up in a coffee pot so the people could have coffee I said sure no problem. I got up from the table and did as I was asked with gladness.

Any insight would be great.

Thanks and much blessings sent your way.
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