Passing the college by a bus and a little animal in the box?!

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Passing the college by a bus and a little animal in the box?!

Post by Grace010 on Mon Mar 22, 2010 10:33 am

in this dream I was standing and passing the college (which i have asked Lord in the prayer) by a bus. I saw waterfall next to college. I saw young man and woman was chitchatting with each other. both of them were lying and sitting down under parasol.
It looked like recreation park. I went there and sat under parasol. mean while i got the box with an little tiger/lion inside. but it was not free and it locked up in the cage. while i was sitting, it has been announced that they will held circus program and every body needs to be carefull for those animals which will appear during the show time.
Suddenly the cage started to open and i was so afraid so i pushed that little cage and just want to make a sure that the little tiger/lion would not come out the box.
I run and asked the waiter if somebody could help me to put that little animal back into the cage. He told me i should wait until the show started?! does it have to do with the college? any ideas/ thoughts ?

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