Airplane nose dive

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Airplane nose dive

Post by snoviello on Mon Mar 22, 2010 7:14 am

Hi all,

My daughter and I had two similar dreams this week so I was seeing if anyone could help interpret.

My Dream: I was talking to a woman who thought I didn't like her but I did and she was happy to learn that I did. I told her we may be called to expand the kingdom together. Then I look up in the sky and this large low flyinig airplane stopped in the sky, tried to turn around and then nose dived into the ground. My two daughters and husband were at a gas station and I was hopiing it didn't hit close to them but it did and a fire broke out. When the plane was coming down I was full of fear but for some reason after my worse fears came true that the plane did land near them, I had perfect peace that my husband would bring them to safety and I felt the fire was a purifying fire.

My Daughters Dream: It was opposite day at shcool (she is in kindergarden) and she saw a red and silver airplaine in the sky and it caught on fire and then fell down.

Thanks for sharing your gifts with us!

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