In the car on the road to a church

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In the car on the road to a church

Post by new2mygift28 on Sat Mar 20, 2010 10:48 pm

In this dream I was in a car with one of my ex-boyfriends ( not the same one mentioned in the other dreams) We were in the car and talking and getting along for along time which is rare for us. He reached over and began to hold my hand and I didn't pull away. We were in the car for a while. Seemed like the road was long, and then I looked up, and the destination was a church. It was huge church. We went in and we were talking to some of his friends. They were really nice. I remember us be a cross from a christian bookstore that was in the church. My take is that my ex-boyfriend is not really him that he's a symbol of someone else. Need some help. Shed some light

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