Family shoot out...old landlord at a new house

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Family shoot out...old landlord at a new house

Post by daughteroftheking on Sat Mar 20, 2010 8:01 am

The beginning of this dream there were two families and there were two guys having a shoot out..shooting at each other.

Then I was suppose to go see a place at 6:30(I am currently on a tight deadline to find a new place right now with no idea were the money's going to come from IRL..just started a new job though)
I saw my old landlord..smoking(it was like as if he had before but was starting up again) and he said you are suppose to be there at 6:30..and I said "Im on my way"

Now I was suppose to look at a place a couple days ago...that is above my spending limit..sort of. I was there at 5:30...was suppose to meet the guy at 6..stayed until 6:20...maybe I was suppose to wait?

Thanks for your input in advance and God bless,


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