Enormous Power Dream

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Enormous Power Dream

Post by sirene on Fri Mar 19, 2010 1:22 pm

I need help please...

Ok I had this dream twice and I need someone to help me. I've looked all around and I haven't found anyone who can help me with it. First was in the summer of last year around June. I was sitting in an IHOP restaurant with about 3 other women the food arrived and we were about to eat. we stood up and I started saying the blessing. All of a sudden A POWER out of nowhere came upon me. I was literally in the center of a tremendous WIND shooting upward all around me, and the sound was deafning. Sounded like rushing [color:fb35=blue! important][color:fb35=blue! important]water or wind, I saw FLAMES and a very bright blue and white light surrounding me but I was not burnned and again a Tremendous power I felt is unlike anything this earth has to offer I did not feel it in me but around me and to say it was intimidating is a real understatement. I was afraid but I remained as calm as I could under the circumstances as if I was saying this is GOD, I shouldn't be afraid.

The Second dream was several months later and I was standing outside in a neighbors driveway ( neighbor from my childhood). It was a beautiful spring /summer like day and I was just standing there looking in their yard to my right when I heard very fast ( inhumanly so) running footsteps coming from behind me. maybe 3 or 4 . They were running so fast that I did not have a chance to turn around to see who it was coming from behind me when they grasped my right wrist and pulled me forward into what suddenly appeared to be a blue and white bright light in the shape of a door. Suddenly I was in the midst of the same power and wind shooting upward and loud sound of water/wind. but this time I did not open my eyes.

Please can someone help me.

I know that in the scriptures it is written if you dream a thing twice it is established by GOD and will come about quickly Gen 41:32 But I am not a great person of note ( unemployed mother of a teen) and I do know a little and I mean little something about dreaming things that have actually happened. Dreamed my ex had a son about a year before it happened. and some other stuff. But this one I'm not so sure about. A wish/prayer coming true all of a sudden maybe?

I also dreamed that I was told by Fortune telling machine which was in a doughnut shop I would win the Lottery and a few nights later in a dream I dreamed I actually won.


Thank you so much . Sirene LOL

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Re: Enormous Power Dream

Post by lola21st on Fri Mar 19, 2010 1:38 pm

Hi Sirene -

This dream sounds like a divine impartation taking place to me, perhaps something related to endtimes...

Please pray about this though as these are only my thoughts, ok?

Bless You

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