3 dreams in one (1)

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3 dreams in one (1)

Post by shepardboy on Thu Mar 18, 2010 5:03 pm

Hi to all who read this post. My name is Jonathan Shepard, I am a
pastor of a small baptist church in Florida. My background is
pentecostal. I have been pastor now for three years. I started at a
bible college three years ago, however, I left due to differences in
doctrine. I have been attacked by some in my denomination due to
difference in doctrine. Now, three years later, I am back in school,
however, I still hold dear to the doctrine I believe the Word of God
says. My dream is below.

Dream on the night
of March 10th, 2010:

In my dream, the things that I
dreamed about were:



Pontoon boat



Alligatorís (large & small)

Rathal (Professor)

Glenn (Friend from school)


8. my wife

In the
dream, we were going to go
fishing, but the pontoon boat was out in
the lake off-shore. In order to get in the boat, we had to swim
the boat to get it, however, there were alligators in the lake. We
didnít see any, but as myself and two
others began to swim out in the
lake, I sensed that God was speaking to me and
telling me to turn
around because Alligatorís were in the lake close by.

turned around, and somehow, I ended
up being at a house with Dr.
Rathal and Glenn.
We were looking at some alligators, and inside
what seemed to be the
underside of a boat, there was a crawl space
underneath with alligators on
top. Glenn and I were going underneath
boat, and we could see small gators crawling on top of this clear
side of the boat.

There were many
small gators, but
there was one large gator. This gator in
dream was 18 feet long. Its tail was
extremely large, but it was
lying dormant in a corner. Glenn kept tapping its tail to get it to
however I was fearful because if it did move, it could have killed
Somehow smaller gators came inside
this tunnel or crawlspace with
me, and an alligator bit me. I remember being angry with Glenn for
around trying to stir up these gatorís.

the dream switched again. This time, Nicole and I were in this bay
area. There were two gators in this
bay, and Nicole and I
were trying to kill them to get the meat. This does sound strange, but
there was
something spiritual going on. We ended
up killing one
gator with a .22 cal., and I began cutting its meat off, and we
another gator to our right. I
remember us leaving this area because
we were cautious that we might get caught
killing these gatorís and
it was against the law.

I do not know what this
dream means, I
do however know that it means something spiritual.

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