Repost...Need Some Help With This, It Bothers Me.

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Repost...Need Some Help With This, It Bothers Me.

Post by SCGirlyGrl on Wed Mar 17, 2010 1:49 pm

Guys, I had another dream last night, and I need help with this one.

It went like this, there were several parts.

I saw a loose rock border to a flower garden like what is at my friends house. There was a little boy with blond hair and blue eyes. He lifted a rock up off the top, and there was a little well of water. In this water, there was a dead leaf, and I could see a snake raise it's head up towards the top of the water (it was brown and grey in color, it seemed to have a diamond like pattern) it never did lift it's head all the way out of the water. I was yelling at the boy to move and get away there was a snake in there, and the boy looked at me and had a smirky look on his face.


I was overhead (above) watching the Olympics, there was darnkness all around, but I could see the colorful outfits the athletes wore. It was different sports, like skiing, luge, etc.


The dream moved to a women's restroom. I needed to use the bathroom, so I went into the bathroom, and it was crowded with a lot of women. I went to the stall, and the toilet was close to the wall, and it was stainless steal with a black seat. The floor was dirty with water and toilet paper and the toilet was nasty, so I decided not to go. I accidently dropped my cell phone, and it landed in the water on the floor. I went over to the sink, and there were two lines of sinks, and women were standing there washing clothes, and there were these computers built into the counter they were looking up information on. I began to was my cell phone and when I got done washing it, it was the most brilliant white, with turqouise edges. I remember the women staring at me.

Then..... This is the part that really bothers me.

I left the bathroom, and I ran into my mom. She had on a jacket of bright colors, pink (which she doesn't wear because she's a red head), yellow, green, blue. She was telling me that she sees my dad (who passed away almost 8 years ago), and she asked me if I had seen him, and I said no. She said let me show you. We went to a room, there weren't much details about the room, but I could see my mom, and then my dad appeared next to her, and she said see? He looked like my dad but he was thinner (my dad was a pretty big guy) and he had on a shirt with bright red, blue and white stripes. We left the room, and I could not see him anymore. My mom told me that my dad had said that in heaven, we'll get to live like a family. My mom said that she loves to see him, and she's ready to go live with him. She was dancing and twirling and hopping around (which my mom does not do).

Can someone help me with this? It has so many different parts.
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Re: Repost...Need Some Help With This, It Bothers Me.

Post by hind'sfeet on Sun Apr 11, 2010 11:32 am

The first part of your dream made me think that you were the one that posted dream Attempted Attack By Dogs by Prophetess.

Maybe you could get an idea from that one?
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