My Dream early this morning

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My Dream early this morning

Post by yyoung09 on Wed Mar 17, 2010 9:48 am

Blessings to you all!

My dream started like this: I had the feeling that I was coming from work, and I was going to go to pick up my kids from daycare. I was not driving , I was on foot. On my right side there was a shell gas station and I saw that my car was park there. I was walking towards the avenue I notice that there were no cars on the road it was very quiet and deselate. I saw that from the pave·ment  there were like little holes and mist was coming out of it. I looked ahed to the road were the daycare is, it looked it different, there were lots of houses and I as I was walking to it, I saw the owner of the daycare coming with 3 ot my kids and I was calling for my youngest daughter but I thoung that she could be at home sleeping. The lady is telling like we have to go, Ahead I saw buses boarding people. I felt like we were evacuating or something. Then somehouse we were in my trailer. I had the feeling that we used the back door to get in from my room.( irl i dont a backdoor in my room). As we are entering my room I notice that there were like small plants, and my room looked very small. I notice a buch of flores like very colorful, but the thorn big red roses cougth my attention, it has only two thick long branches with big red not full blosom big red roses. Then we pass by my kithen and was full of dishes and I was embarrased for her to see that , she did not tell me nothing. Somehow we were all laying down in a bed that looked it more like my dads room, In my mind I wanted to tell the the lady that she could stay, but she was talking on the phone. I also felt that I wanted to tell her that I felt that I already seen this happen.

I hope that you understand my english.
I am praying for understanding of this dream. I sure will apreciate if you can help also!

May God bless you

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