Ex in a bad way

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Ex in a bad way

Post by juewls davis 777 on Wed Mar 17, 2010 3:42 am

Hi again, I had another dream last night that was very vivid and keeps coming to me to put on here as I go about my housework. So here it is................... My ex was around in the dream a lot! We have a son together in real life and my son was also in the dream. My ex was very very unwell. He is a heroin addict in real life, which is why he is my ex! In the dream he was almost blind and was telling me how ill he was now because he had also been taking a new drug that had done so much damage to him. He was about to die! I remember loving him in the dream and being distressed to see him in such a bad way! The scene turnt into a dance floor. My son was dancing{ he is 12} he was joking about and laughing doing funny disco dancing. I was dancing really well and spinning around on the dance floor laughing and having such fun. I looked over to my ex and wanted him to join in. He couldn't because he was so ill. He looked like death warmed up! He is in real life only 40. I was scared! In real life God gave me the scripture about Saul reigned 40 years then David became king! I am re married. My ex has given me much trouble throughout the last 26 years. Any idea's?

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