Roaches in my dream

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Roaches in my dream

Post by taniyal1982 on Tue Mar 16, 2010 10:51 pm

Dream 1
I was in my apartment and this prophet that I met while on the campground was also in my dream. He was supposed to spray my plase for roaches, but I got the raid and started spraying all over my house.

Dream 2
I was killing bugs in my apartment and I went in my living room. I saw a bug on the ceiling, but I was not sure what kind so I was going to get the raid and I looked on my table and there was only my hair spray, so I figured I would use it and have faith that it would turn into raid. When I grabbed the hairspray the bug flew of the ceiling and as it was flying to the floor it grew bigger and bigger. At that point I realized that it was a roach. It was bigger than a size 13 shoe and it was staring at me and I ran in my room.

Dream 3
I was in the dream observing what was going on. I was in the hospital and a lady was being rushed in, in a bed. the nurses and doctors were moving her pretty fast. There was a woman ontop of her and it looked like she was breathing life into her. I walked up to see who the woman was and began to get scared because I thought it was me. When she turned her head to the side she had my face. Then I watched a different woman walk down the hall and the place turned into the elderly home. She passed a room where there were elderly women excersing. she went with a couple of her friends and they began to talk about her sons and they mentioned that her sons were cheating, one lady said well who do u think they get it from and she duane your husband. Right before the woman there was a vision of her husband kissing another woman. The wife acted like she was ok with it and said, "ok I will talk to them".

Please help me understand.

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