Lupus and Train Tracks

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Lupus and Train Tracks

Post by new2mygift28 on Tue Mar 16, 2010 8:24 am

Most I've main dreams include trains, train tracks, or train platforms. Idk why? But this dream very much has me puzzled, Could someone please help?

In this dream it was me and this girl I know from church, we used to be friends, and we used to dance together. However, somethings happened and now we are no longer friends, but with in the dream we were walking on the tracks, and talking, and playing around. At one part of the track was my ex-boyfriend (him and her used to talk), but she sat by him ( and I was no longer apart of the dream well visible to anyone). I remember, I think another friends of hers (that used to be my friend there as well she's prophetic too). I remember seeing them talk, and he was rubbing her hair. It flipped to us just me and my ex-boyfriend being in thisplace that looked like his apartment, and we began to talk. I said, "They said you were talking to her and rubbing her head", and he replied "I was being a friend to her rubbing her head because her head was hurting, because she has lupus". Then I had some more dreams, but dreams ended with the girl I know being in front of the mirror dancing, I guess she was making up choreography, but it wasn't quite flowing. The crazy part is she doesn't really dance n e more, she mimes more. I know God can show us a person, but and it represents someone else or even ourselves. I need some help, cause apart of me feels like it represented me. I have been dancing for 12 years and a couple of months ago I stopped dancing and stop being over the dance ministry, and towards the end of my period dancing when I was trying to make up choreography it wasn't quite flowing they it used to. Thats why I think it might be me. I'm not scared by the dream just wanna know what I'm seeing.

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