Rugged water terrain

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Rugged water terrain

Post by Glad on Tue Mar 16, 2010 8:24 am

Hi everyone

Had a dream last night which I do not remember in full, but this part here was standing out:

Some man I know, don't remember exactly who, is flying with me over some very troubled water. We are attached to some sort of a sail - or parachute. I feel secure in the air, but know if I would fall into the water, I would have trouble surviving. Lots of rocks and cliffs are at the edge or in the water, the water is moving rapidly but surprisingly enough the water is crystal clear and I can see right to the ground.
We go back to this person's work shed or garage. Any minute now we are going to be heading out for a second flight. I know this flight will take us over water that is even more troubled, it is again a very rugged area with strong flowing rapids and a waterfall. The water is moving at a high speed. I don't fear the flying, but I do know, should I crash in this water, I would die. The water itself is still crystal clear.

Any thoughts are highly appreciated.

Blessings, Glad

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