MANIFESTATION in real life...but more to come, still unfolding

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MANIFESTATION in real life...but more to come, still unfolding

Post by karen on Fri Mar 12, 2010 3:43 pm

My dreams have completely changed...I dream lots and remember them. They are connected, and I constantly 'hear' things in my sleep. I am also experiencing physical healing in the night or early hours. I have also experienced deliverance too.

below is an excerpt that I think is part of this new 'happening'...

Re: Vivid dream...

by Mariakitty on Sat Feb 20, 2010 10:44 pm

Hi Karen!

I'm glad that those impressions rang true in your spirit.

I think it's one of those multi-faceted dreams and has a broader message and scope than what I covered

Yes, it is all still unfolding and I witness to what Mariakitty said, that this is all multi-faceted. Eph 3:10
10 to the intent that now the manifold wisdom of God might be made known by the church to the principalities and powers in the heavenly places,

manifold [polupoikilos]
Strong's #4182 From polus, "much" and poikilos, "varied". "many-coloured".
The word manifold, pictures God's wisdom as much varied, with many shades, tints, hues, and colourful expressions. As a God of variety, He is still entering the human arena displaying many-sided, multicoloured, and much variegated wisdom to His people and through His people...emphasis mine

I thought this was just a dream, but it has spread through my life in a good way into so much more!

As part/a result of the above dream, I have been led to fast. [also because of my 'no work' situation, my money ran out and at times I HAD to] Fasting is different when you have NO food in the cupboard or money to buy it. All desire goes. lol!
I also decided to fast television, which I have now given up. I get news off of the internet and read a lot of books that I am led to, along with my Bible reading and daily Bible studies.
The third part of the fast is that I was led to take Communion EVERY day, and still do.

Now THAT part of the fast was strange to me? No food, but taking Communion? Real wine and unleavened bread or Matzoh? Plus meditating John 6:26 onwards, boy did that explode!, as I meditated on it!
Also, I 'listened' for when to take Communion, and most often it is before I go to sleep! On a practical note, I did have the thought that maybe I would turn into an alcoholic, lol! So I took a smaller glass, and cracker!

Along with John 6 I meditated on the gospels where Jesus took the bread and wine on that final Passover/Pesach night and blessed it. (He blessed the bread and wine according to standard Jewish tradition which I've learned about before. If anyone is interested I can post the blessing in Hebrew (phonetic) and English. It is an eye-opener!)

A somewhat scarey aspect at first, of the deeper study on Communion in conjunction with covenant, was... I got led to a Catholic Church. (Wait a minute! Don't stop reading!)

I was literally arrested by the Holy Spirit, as I was out walking. I had to seek out a praying place. Strange for a Charismatic? We can pray anywhere! No, this was specific. I spoke to someone in the church, asked if they had a prayer room. They did. I went to their 'Communion chapel'.
At first it was SO VERY DIFFICULT for me to break my mindset, and see God in this.

On this fast, I had already been led to books on silent prayer, meditation etc as using them as different tools for hearing and seeing God. - Now, that I could accept, for it was yielding results in line with scripture. (Yes I pray out loud, and in tongues etc etc and make word based proclamations)
BUT THIS!!! I felt like a traitor. Oh the arguments in my head!
Immediately there was the tangible heaviness of the Glory of God's presence in that place. I have experienced it before, I recognised it. This atmosphere was saturated with, specifically, prayer glory.
Needless to say I got out of there and thought, 'okay God, I did what you say, now it's over, right?'

Well you'd be wrong! I then was led to read a book entitled, 'What Catholics believe'.
Some of it, I could accept, as it lined up with the word. I rejected what did not, but allowed myself to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. I confessed to Him about the stuff I couldn't handle, and dropped prejudice when I recognised it, as quickly as possible.
Then came the part about Catholics and what they believe about Communion! BANG!!!

Now, read John 6 again, and again...and the Communion in the gospels. Put that together with my vision of the blood spattered Bible when I was first saved. (See Corporate word post - God has been speaking for over 15 years about this to me.) Multi-faceted indeed?

There are more results in my life now concerning healing, and appropriating the promises. Too much to speak of here.
When I asked God how this all fitted into the original vivid dream which I have posted, He said, "the small red tiles"
"They represent, line upon line, precept upon precept."
So, over days, I thought, and tested the spirit as we should, not in fear, but there has to be a witness.
I sense that God is restoring something to us that we have glossed over and missed. The empty packages at the foot of the cross. (See corporate word post) Also in the vivid dream post I sense a restoration of something foundational.

Dare I say this next part? Here goes...

The Catholics, have laid hold of that part of the package. I think we, no I, threw out the whole thing with my misconception. So I lay hold of that part once more and judge by the fruit.

I stress, I AM NOT A CATHOLIC, I DO NOT HATE CATHOLICS, I LOVE THEM. I personally, have gained, from what they have learned about Communion, in a similar way to learning about Passover and the Abrahamic covenant from the Jews, I compared all in line with the word.
As a result, my walk with Jesus is much more richer, deeper, and intimate because of this. In all of this, I am trying to discern the will of our Father.

I forgot to mention, that the little part time job I have, that does not pay the rent. (self-employed) Became a part of the fast too.
God told me not to go in to work. I don't know which was more difficult! The Catholic stuff, or not doing the little I knew to do! It caused me such pain and anguish. I am not a crazy Christian.

I argued, "If I don't work, I don't eat!" yeah, I know, I wasn't eating! Praise God the fast is shifting and I now live 'the fasted lifestyle'.

The good news? Since the fast is changing, I now have 2 part time jobs! YEEEHAH!

In the middle of the fast my landlady asked me to pack and leave, as I could not pay the meagre rent. I am behind by 10 weeks. The most humiliating time of my entire life!
I had already had a dream about this and was obedient, and packed, and thanked her for her patience. Two days later, she came into my room and was shocked that I had packed. (I thought I was just gonna leave, walk, and die, Literally, and put my stuff out with the trash. Just take my Bible and a bag with me.

She said, "I know you have attended lots of interviews and been seriously job seeking. (even lowering my sights) It is not your fault. I would like to offer you a job where I work. Minimum wage, part time, and I can give you a lift in to work, but not back home. You can use the money to pay off the rent."


I still have to walk for 2 hours to get home, and then go to the other part-time job, as well as attend interviews, but God gives me strength. At one stage, I was so very weak from no food and the walking etc.

At times I have not understood, why it has to be like this. The things I have to let go of in this process. This week I have been given 100 into my bank account!


Last week, a friend said he wants me to come to his wedding in India. He wants to buy the flights for me next month.


All this, from a dream and trying to be obedient to God in laying hold of what He is saying?

The healings in the night.
One night I woke up at 3am thinking it was time to get up because I felt SO GOOD! In my sleeping state I was aware of healing strength flowing into my whole being. I was also aware of 2 scriptures repeatedly being spoken INTO me..yes into me by God Himself. If I was listening to a CD and put it on repeat all night, that is what it was like. I could, in my sleep state, focus in on the scripture or just hear it in the background as I sucked up/rested in the healing. Things were happening on more than one level at once. (The most pronounced of the two scriptures overlayed, was GAL 3:13-14)

Also, on another occasion, as I awoke, my leg went into spasm. (my Achilles has been ruptured and occasionally it is excruciating!) Because of the scripture 'spoken into me' during my sleep state, my level of faith in the covenant blessings is more established, deeper. I am more confident in wielding the sword of the Spirit.
I gently spoke to my leg, I enforced the covenant, and it ceased. No fear, no panic, no rolling around the room screaming in agony, and then being unable to walk. Nothing! In fact, I went on to walk over 10 miles that week! All because of my deeper understanding through the scriptures and what I am being 'taught' straight from the Spirit. (they all agree, the word, the Spirit, the blood) I am judging by the fruit.
In speaking to the pain in the leg, I remember saying that 'you are not the will of God for me'. I spoke what the leg should line up with, and 'received'. (like the packages on the hill vision - in the prophetic/corporate word post) It was all very gentle, and lasting to this day.

Make of this what you will people, but it is happening. So much more too, that I have not told.

One thing...through that little prayer room in the Catholic church, the Holy Spirit led me back there. This time I sang! I sang in Hebrew and English about the Glory of God come down into the Catholic Church as a whole. It was a preophetic act as the Spirit led me.
(isn't catholic? Latin for the whole church body - not like corpus? I dunno? - the thought just struck me as I write)

Anyway, there was a notice board. I had just said to God, please Lord, please don't make me a Catholic. (sorry, just being honest! ) Well on the notice board was information about a Nunnery. (dear God, don't make me a Nun!)

Well, as I read, it said that they make the Communion wafers. I took their details, contacted them. Sent them a copy of the vivid dream and told them some of the things that God is leading me through. I have told them what I believe as a Christian and understand if they reject me.

Get this! They take Communion EVERY morning, have silent prayer and meditation, and welcome me for a retreat of 1 day duration. They are praying about the stuff I sent them.

If You want me to go God, I will. If not, I won't. Either way, You will provide. Amen.

Speak Lord, for Your servant is listening. Even in her dreams! lol!

The word of God... 'bind them continually upon your heart; tie them around your neck. When you roam, they will lead you; When you sleep, they will keep you; and when you awake, they will speak with you' Prov 6:21-22

Pretty much about covers it, what has been going on eh?
Hallelujah! Karen
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