Meaning of dogs,snakes etc

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Meaning of dogs,snakes etc

Post by sonofman on Wed Mar 10, 2010 7:35 pm

Hello,I've been a believer for sometime,but I keep having many strange dreams recently(including intermitent nightmares).I'd like to know the interpretations of these dreams:1. I was in a room and saw 2 fierce looking dos and became very afraid,thinking they would bounce on me.(I was once bitten by a dog my years ago,so I don't really like dogs).Some months back,in another dream,I had been bitten by a dog. Could someone help to interprete.2. I recently dreamed of seeing a big,I think python.Actually,I find it difficult to understand or rather remember the whole of the dream.3.At another ocassion in another dream,I saw a snake jumped from the hand of a beloved person unto my hand and bit me,after which it fell off the ground and died.I'd be glad to know the meanings of these and what steps to take.Thank you and God bless.sonofman

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