Do I wait or do I walk away

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Do I wait or do I walk away

Post by jholliday on Wed Mar 10, 2010 1:26 pm

Hi my name is Jvonna, and I am new to your site. I have a problem that i need direction on. I dated a man 13 years ago, and our relationship was so great/wonderful. Due to his circustances that was going on in his life at that time we needed on good terms. He was going through a divorce and had one child. (who was only 1yrs old at that time) He wanted to be in his childs life, but the only was he could was to be in her life was to go back to the wife. We talked about it and i agreed he needed to follow his heart. So here is it 13 yrs later. He started looking for me about 2 yrs ago, and then again around Oct of last year. Finally he got my number from his cousin who is my best friend in December 09. We finally got together on January 1, 2010. And the relationship seems to fly/soar as if we never left each other. I always loved him very much and had wished we would cross paths again. And we did. from Jan 1, 2010 until just a few weeks ago, our relationship was great. We even planned on moving even more forward in our relationship. He talked to me about wanting us to get married when his divorce is final and buying a house and so on. But just a couple of weeks ago, his sister decided to tell him that I was moving too fast, and I had a motive and I was trying to get too close to him too fast and their family and he should back down with me. And he did. He doesn't know I know this but I did find this information out. Because he has not spoken to me in about a week, and hasnt told me what is going on. I know he loves me and I love him. But he wont talk to me. He did text me telling me he apologize for not being as open and honest with me. And he betrayed my feelings. (what does he mean betrayed my feelings)??? Everyone said he wont speak to me because he dont know how to tell me that he allowed his sister to convience him of such crap. Tell me what direction do i go in now. I know the LORD is working on him, so do I wait for the blessing of his victory or do i walk away???

Need Directions

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Re: Do I wait or do I walk away

Post by Cholette on Wed Mar 10, 2010 2:22 pm

Hello again JVonna!

In my heart, I feel you already know what to do. I'm a little taken back at the fact that he would allow his sister to "convince" him. I always know God to always send us warning signs about people when things are not right. Where we go wrong is we overlook the signs based on our "feelings" and not based on the Spirit of God, who is our Umpire (Colossians 3:15).

If I were you, I would move foward "with caution". If his sister has that much influence over him now, you getting married to him won't solve the issue.

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