Hello All!

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Hello All!

Post by anicholson47 on Wed Mar 10, 2010 4:41 am

Hi I didnt see this here before. My name is ashley. I have had a firm belief in God as long as I can remember. I came from a family of atheists so I used to walk myself to church every sunday when I only 10 years old. I have never had a problem believing..... even when every member of my family constantly made fun of me, ignored me, or criticized me for my beliefs. I have made alot of mistakes in my life the enemy has most definitely been kicking me around since I was out of the womb. I have been knocked down but there was always some stranger with wise words that kept me going. God's earthly angels : ). For that I am thankful. I have always had a belief in God but I never truely learned to walk with him. I am now just learning to do that. To trust Him and to have hope. I had lost my hope but I am glad to have it back. When I thought to myself that my family would never change or ever understand me..... God saved my mother....Praise Him! He sent her an angel who opened her eyes. She is now a christian and has admitted to me that she was always jealous of my faith. This is one of the greatest things God has ever done for me. My mother after all these years is now a christian.....she attempts to qoute the bible...even though she usually gets it wrong lol it always brings a tear of joy to my eye. Slowly one by one family members are coming to me to ask me about God. After almost 15 years of me fighting and praying for them. They are finally at least opening up and ask questions. One of these family members is my grandfather who is 70 years old!!! To hear him ask me "whats God like?" is amazing. Of course I got a little too excited and bombarded them with all this info...lol but I am just glad to know they are finally opening up.

I just wanted to share that with you. Because I think it is amazing and it gives me hope. And if you have family members like mine or even just friends that don't have a relationship with God...I just wanted to let you know not to give up hope.

anyway thats a bit about me. So maybe it could even help you better understand the dreams I post up as well. I have only been here for a couple days...and well the people who respond to my dreams on here are amazingly nice and helpful. I am thankful to have found this site. Another nudge from an earthly angel led me here....isn't God Awesome?!?

Well I talk too much soo. Glad to be here and God Bless!


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Re: Hello All!

Post by lola21st on Wed Mar 10, 2010 10:55 am

Praise the Lord, Ashley!!

Welcome to the site, it's great to have you here! Thank you for sharing your wonderful and encouraging testimony! God is faithful, we just have to have faith and trust Him! And yes, He is awesome! Let's praise Him for His goodness!

Bless You


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