River in a jungle

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River in a jungle

Post by depiggosto on Tue Mar 09, 2010 4:30 am

I had this dream this morning which woke me up at around 2:30 am and I wrote down all that i could remember. It is one main dream with a very short one after it.

It starts of with me and a companion (don't recognize, but seem to know him), heading down a river (no boat, free flowing), the flow is fast but not turbulant, there is a sense of danger like we're being pursued. Eventually we seem to come into a camp at one of the turns in the river where we take refuge (while it seems calm there is still the sense that the pursurers aren't far behind). While resting there i have get up to look around and look through a gap at the bottom of the door in the shack we're in and see a mans head pop out of the water, with a blowpipe in his mouth and blows a (poisoned) dart towards me, it misses and i jump to my feet, grab my bag (which wasn't there before) and wake my companion telling him we have to run. We make our way out the back of the shack into what looks like a field of thigh high grass and head towards the end of the field, while doing this the tribesmen of the camp seem to be chasing us aswell and I remember one of them has caught up to me (companion nowhere in sight) and fires a multitude of darts at me through his blow pipe, all the darts either miss or are deflected somehow. Once that is over the tribesman and I stand facing each other and somehow come to the agreement that what happened was a missunderstanding and that I got 'spooked' with no need however when heading back to the shack he hits me with a dart in the back in what seems to be jest for being silly and running. Once in the camp I get back into the river and start flowing down again. (can't remember if my companion is with me or not)

Once that dream finishes a new one begins with me getting on a metro train, which soon changes to a double decker bus, when i stand up on the top deck and hit the bell to signal the driver to stop at the next stop he doesn't, he just passes two stops before letting me off at the third then I wake up.

This is the first time I've ever recorded any of my dreams and would welcome any help with thanks in advance.
Lord bless.

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