Dream about family and hungry teenagers

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Dream about family and hungry teenagers

Post by anicholson47 on Mon Mar 08, 2010 11:06 pm

Dream that I was with my grandparents, and my uncle bill. We were at the mall I couldnt walk steadily and my grandfather and uncle bill ( which have recently been asking me about God for the first time in years) wanted me to go down the elevator with them and I was scared and refused to go. There was someone else with them not sure who it was. Then my grandmother and I were outside hanging by a trash can, with a group of teenagers.... two girls and a couple of boys in lettermen jackets. I was hungry and asked my grandma (the only other christian in my family other then my mother who was recently saved) for food. I went to heat up two sandwiches for us. The teenage girls were talking casually.....and I felt guilty because the other girls were hungry as well so I started looking for food for them. My grandma told me not to feed them. I asked why? Then they started leaving one by one. (thats all I remember)
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