flood waters, drowning dear

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flood waters, drowning dear

Post by RNSuzyQ on Mon Mar 08, 2010 7:13 pm

I know their are flood waters coming, I am in a hilly area, where my home is, (IRL isn't) I can feel the water rushing under the ground but it hasn't come above the ground yet, it's right under the surface. I know that I need to move to high ground. I am going up a hill and my two little boys are with me. I find a shovel to use, to kind of dig in to the ground to help steady our walk up, but I give it to the older boy to use, then I come across two more, It feels difficult to go up hill. Then I find myself in the water and I'm swimming to safety at a doorway to a home. I see a small deer swimming by and am debating whether to save it or not. I realize it won't make it so I go in and take hold of it, it struggles but I hold on tight and am stronger, it stops panicking as I get it out of the water. I know their is something else floating in the water that drown, and I debate whether to save it or not, I'm not sure if it has been under too long. It looks like a human body form, but it's a deer. So I decide to give it a try and take it out of the water and squeeze it's deer-like chest cavity to get water out, then I go to blow air in and it has human-like features, but I know it's a deer. I didn't want to put my mouth on it's snout because I was worried about disease and bacteria so I decide not to try and throw it back in.

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