My 2 Story, Bear on roof dream

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My 2 Story, Bear on roof dream Empty My 2 Story, Bear on roof dream

Post by Songs of Seashells on Mon Mar 08, 2010 8:32 pm

Hi There
I believe this dream has manifested. IF there is anyone here after reading this has a difference of opinion, PLEASE let me know, as I am just learning how to put "Dreams/Manifestation" together so they match.


My dream was taking place in a two story house. My
daughter had a new baby that she was tending to as her 4 yr old twins looked
on. One of the twins, Ryan has ADHD and I was concerned that he would dart out
the front door as he often does. My oldest daughter was standing in the room
with us.
I went after Ryan and went outside where my
attention was drawn to the top of the roof. There something cream colored
flew away and I saw next to where it was, a huge black bear on the roof top that
was roaring.

Real life: My daughter is due to give birth any day,
she lives in a two story house, and she also has 3 boys so far, two of which are
twins and Ryan does have ADHD.


Our daughter, her husband and 2 boys live in our 2 story (rebuilt to live in) garage.

The twins could be two fold here. This rift that took place started w/my 2 grandsons. (that live here)

I came outside to do work the boys should have been doing.

My daughter (their mom) who normally would have over-reacted to the situation (this is representation of Ryan and his having ADHD. Kids with ADHD can be rebellious, non-compliant etc) was actually rather calm trying to find out what took place between the boys and I.

My husband (he's only 5'2''), KNOWING our daughter, her surface level temper and physical aggressiveness, (she is only 5 foot tall) told her NOT come and talk to me, but to let me cool down and we could talk later. She refused his advice, she came and talked to me and he came unglued like a mother bear protecting it's cub!! He did not know how she was going to approach me. For no reason, she has choked me on 2 seperate occassions when the two of us have had heated words, so he was very concerned that she might do that again. He was dressed in all black that day (the black bear) She was wearing a cream colored jacket.

The middle dau. who was ready to give birth any day, I believe was indicative of this rift getting ready to be birthed any day... ie, ''MANIFEST'' any day.

Songs of Seashells
Songs of Seashells
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