Pregnant wife, little boy, card game and me?????

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Pregnant wife, little boy, card game and me?????

Post by jjp708 on Mon Mar 08, 2010 1:25 pm

I was standing in a room and a little boy was sitting on the couch (he was dressed in white) and a man was lying on the floor (he was dressed in white). There was also a pregnant woman in another room on the phone (dressed in white). The little boy told the man “daddy don’t be mad at her” so the man looked at me and said “you want me to forgive you and take you back don’t you” I said “yes” so he held out his arms and I kneeled down and laid on his chest. He then got up and led me to a bedroom and as he was leading me to the bed I said “I don’t want to sleep in y’alls bed” so we sat on the floor. Just then the woman hung up the phone and asked if we wanted to play some card game. We said we didn’t know how to play but she said she would teach us.

It was apparent that the child belong to them and that they were (at least at one point) married. However, I know that he and I were a couple because I can remember feeling so loved by him and I loved him A LOT too. The baby she was carrying didn’t appear to be his though and she didn’t mind my presence. As a matter of fact she was happy I was there with him (or for him).

any thoughts?
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