Viewer Discretion advised, could offend some readers. Baby molested, but is symbolic.

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Viewer Discretion advised, could offend some readers. Baby molested, but is symbolic.

Post by LearnerDriver on Fri Mar 05, 2010 3:10 pm

I just wanted to make that clear in the heading. There are certain things in this dream that I believe I was meant to take notice of as they were symbols, however some of these things are not "nice". After having this dream I was quite upset that I dreamed such a dream, however later I realised it was all symbolic, so I was able to view the dream differently. Please dont read if you think you will get offended. Im not sure if it is a warning of something to happen. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thankyou.

Ok, heres the dream.

I was with a few friends on what I think was campus grounds. We were looking for somewhere to sit and chill out together. I dont know who these ppl were, but I felt a bond with them, Im guessing they were brothers and sisters in Christ. Anyway, we walked near a building and sat down on the grass. There were huge windows on this part of the building. As I looked in the window, I saw my ex-boyfriend engaging in sex with an unknown woman in the room. They seemed unaware that they could be seen. All of a sudden, a baby appeared in between them, and my ex began to have oral sex with the baby. I knew this baby was meant to be 2 months old, even though it was the size of a one year old. Someone I was with began to record what was happening on their phone camera. I noticed then that this baby was a boy. Another unknown woman appeared with them and they were all together. I only just realised that even though the adults were all naked, I did not notice any of their sex organs, only the babys, thats how I knew it was a boy.
After a short while, I heard someone say from my group "Lets Go". The person grabbed their phone and we left. I just knew we were going to report them and the evidence was on the phone. I waited in the waiting room of the police station, I knew my friends were doing all the reporting. Just then, the ppl responsible for the molestation (different ppl by the way, that was the last I saw of my ex and the 2 women) walked into the station for some reason, and they somehow realised that they were being reported and tried to run. But they were caught and detained. I then heard a voice speaking (but not directly to me, to one of my friends) saying "They could get 26 ....." I didnt hear the last word. I remember thinking 26 what?? years?? but then that seemed wrong and I thought, well they cant be getting 26 months for molesting a baby!!! (After I woke up, I realised I was only to take notice of the number 26.)
In the next scene, my friends and I are leaving the campus. I knew that the culprits had been sentenced and were locked up. We are all walking out and we are all quite happy with the outcome of the case. I just knew that justice had been served. All of a sudden, an overwhelming feeling of distress and grief hit me. I was so distraught, and I remember thinking "WHY DID THIS HAVE TO HAPPEN IN THE FIRST PLACE, WHY WHY WHY". I felt like screaming but I couldnt, and I also realised that all my friends were deeply sorrowed by all of this as well. Then I woke up.

If anyone knows where I might find an interpretation for the number 26, could you direct me please?? Any help would be truly truly appreciated.

Thank you all so much and God bless you all. :)

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