Power of group Praise and Prayer

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Power of group Praise and Prayer

Post by hind'sfeet on Fri Mar 05, 2010 1:18 pm

I just had this dream while napping with my son. I was with some Christian friends that I used to have and we were with other people I didn't know. We were gathered together in a room. My friend told me to sit that they wanted to pray for me. They started praying "O LORD, WE PRAISE YOU..." and we all lifted our hands to praise God in prayer and they all grabbed and held my hand with all our hands together in the air and continued praying like that. I started weeping and I was doing it irl but it was without tears cause I had just started and it was like it had come upon me. Then I fell back and I woke up.
I have never fallen back when praying before.

I had the thought "deliverance" when I woke up.
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