I Died And Went To Heaven (Repost)

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I Died And Went To Heaven (Repost)

Post by ManOfGod17 on Thu Mar 04, 2010 12:32 pm

Hello Everyone i had a dream this morning that i thought i would share it.

It started somewhere with me in this security place like a bank and i had sneaked into the room because there was this package and this doctor walked into the room and caught me and i started to fight him and then this woman come in aswel and i started to fight her and i remember someone (sure it was the woman) getting stabbed like 5 times but all i remember is this flash and i was in this room with what i assumed was the woman lying down on the floor dead with all her front skin off so you could in her body and in the room with me was the two men of way of the master programme they were standing by he head and at he feet Jesus was standing there and i remember seeing that her brain was the size of a golf ball and her ribs were massive and Ray Comfort started talking about the persons heart and i said so if you think of Jesus more or have in your heart would your mind be bigger and i don't recall him answering me, and then he said something like its a shame you've gone so young (but i don't recall dying ) and i then started to think about earth and my funeral and so on but i wasn't allowed to continue to think about that, then they said welcome home and i had a rush of joy and gave them both a big hug but then we kind of went outside the door and it was the wrong way and we went back into the room and they went to Jesus and told Him that i wanted to go somewhere else and Jesus come to me and firstly i noticed how dark he was he looked very tanned but naturally and then we all just started to go up and we went through the ceiling straight into this room where all the young children were deaf.blind and so on and we went to greet them and i noticed my brother was there so it was like he had died aswell and come and then i remember this certain deaf kid who someone said something to him and his helper said he cant hear you or cant speak back but then he said to me You are Beautiful and i was shocked like what me and then i asked my brother was i and he said Yes. It was so weird it was like i was an angel i wasnt even on the floor i was inches of the floor and i could just float about, but then i woke up.
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