Dream about another religion coming into my house

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Dream about another religion coming into my house

Post by wen k on Thu Mar 04, 2010 8:04 am

I have been having dreams all this week that something bad or not of the Lord happens, and I say, "No, that cannot happen. The Blood of Jesus covers me." Every night this week I have had these dreams...

Last night I had a dream that I cannot stop thinking about. I dreamt that Gary (my husband) & I had moved to a new house and a new area. We were going to go to a parade in town the next day and I had to get some things from the store.

While at the store, I had a conversation with the cashier (young, Indian (India-type Indian) girl in late teens/early twenties). We discussed that we both had sons about the same age (10). I told her a little about my son Caleb...

The next day came, and we were rushing around to try to make it to the parade. I opened the front door, and there was a parade that had just started in our neighborhood.

The parade started with a group of Indians (from India) dressed in bright sky blue. The cashier girl was leading the parade. She walked up to my door step with an older man. He stayed outside and planted a white 5 inch slanted candle that was burning.

The cashier girl barged into my house because she wanted to meet my son. Caleb happened to be playing a video game right inside the door. I introduced them, and then she started to hang a picture of her country's god. (It was a picture of an Indian man in a white hat.) I said, "Oh no. That is not coming into my house! The Blood of Jesus covers me and everyone in this house!"

Gary came into the room to see what was going on... I said, "Just pray the Blood of Jesus over all of us and this house right now! Especially pray for Caleb! The Blood of Jesus covers us all!!!"

When the girl went out front, the small white slanted candle was now standing straight up and was about 2-3 feet tall. In the dream, the white candle was not a good thing. I, once again, said, "The Blood of Jesus covers me." (Then I woke up.)

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