My Friends (a couple) - a party, two houses, and a hair/nail salon.

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My Friends (a couple) - a party, two houses, and a hair/nail salon.

Post by Christa on Wed Mar 03, 2010 8:28 am

IRL - I've never met my friend in person...we had met over the phone at my last workplace. She's a Christian, and truly lives the Christian life (the very best she can).....she doesn't let any of the rest of us slip either, which is certainly good when she's on point. Well, my dream was about her and her husband.

The dream - I was invited to their house for a party. She wanted to wear an old fashioned bathing suit in order to do a dance to a song from the 50's. It was one of those two piece bathing suits that didn't reveal too much. I was ok with it, but before she did the dance, she gathered an audience around, and then GOT DRESSED into that bathing suit around everyone. I saw her butt and the guy next to me saw her breasts. She did the dance and it was fine, but her husband was ticked off at her for revealing too much before the dance. He didn't want her in any kind of bathing suit around people to begin with.

Next thing I know, I'm in their bedroom and they're arguing about the bathing suit ordeal. I agreed with her husband that she revealed too much and that the guy next to me saw her breast. They then took me to their unused house (their extra house) down the street. I don't think they were selling it, but it was pretty empty. It had a big beautiful stove. I walked up and over the stove (?). The rest of the house was nice, but it was definitely unused.

Then we left and I wanted to go get a haircut. They said they had the perfect person to do this. It was this guy who got REALLY mad at me for wearing makeup....I was thinking maybe he was worried about getting lipstick on his clothes when he cut my hair or something like that. I had on just a tiny bit of mascara, and some slightly red lipstick, nothing overdone at all, (I'm not much of a makeup person) but I took it off anyway. I waited around forever for him to cut my hair (I wanted it much shorter...which I do in real life as well, but I might not be brave enough to do that). I was going to write him a check for $12-, but the check wasn't going to be good until the next day. I was counting on getting money the next day. When he finally sat me down, he started doing my nails (not my hair)....taking forever to do even one nail. He himself was telling me how "mom" (a beautician in the shop that was the "mom" of the place because she was older than the rest) had done his nails and messed them up (I'm thinking he was homosexual). His nails were painted black and his fingers were painted with the same black, so it was hard to tell where she messed up....because it looked like he entirely dipped both of his hands in nail polish. There was something wrong with this guy and I kept reminding him that he needed to finish what he started with my nails.

That was the end of the dream. The main feeling in the dream was just an out of place feeling. Everything felt wrong.
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