this is my friends dream a woman in a pink shirt and three pills

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this is my friends dream a woman in a pink shirt and three pills

Post by rachel07 on Mon Mar 01, 2010 6:42 pm

my friend had this dream it started out with her and her family sitting at the top of these bleachers in this like gymnasium. She looked down 3 bleachers and it was our pastor and his wife. Then she looked at the floor and there were big men lining up woman. My friend said she felt sad when she saw this and said that the men made her feel scared. the pastors wife came up to her and looked at her wedding ring and said if your ring doesnt look appealing take us. so then my friend then turnd her wedding ring over on her finger so they couldnt see the diamonds. Then the men started to go through the womans purses and her son jacob who was sittin next to her purse (it was open)asked her if she had anything. Then some woman who was familiar couldnt see face but my friend knw she was from our church. She said that she felt the woman was like controlling and she wore a pink shirt. The woman held out her hand and there was three pills in her hand one cylinder and two round ones. They were pink. Then she held like this small medicine cup with a small small amount of water in it. my friend asked why she had to take them and told her she didnt want to.The woman told her to take the pills cause it would relax her before they took her away. Then the woman on purposly spilled the water. my friend then just took the pills and put them in her pocket. then my friend looked up at our pastor andd he told her it was only gonna be 20 months that she was gonna be gone. She said she didnt wanna go becouse of the kids. then she woke up she was so sad almost in tears.

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