at resturant with ex

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at resturant with ex

Post by rachel07 on Mon Mar 01, 2010 6:01 pm

So i was at this resturant with my exhusband and i was amazed caus i havent seen him in awile and didnt understand how we met up or where he came from. then he just looked at me and kept apologizing for everything hes ever done to me. I felt in my spirit that this was so real and sincere. So then he handed me keys and money and i think like papers. Then before the waitress came over he got up and said by grabbed his like suit case and left. Then i turned and looked to my left in the booth and saw (this guy i believe is my future mate) and he said ok lets go you are released. I got up with him and just was like wowed and so amazed like almost like i couldnt comprehend what was goin on.

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