Need some help with dreams

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Need some help with dreams

Post by vero819 on Mon Mar 01, 2010 8:35 am


Before I had this dream I was a lil' fustrated; I was worried about my career choice. Before I fell asleep I told myslelf I'll stick with the major I'm in right now and let God lead me from there.

That night I had a dream of a piece of land that was mine, I knew it was mine and I saw an automatic machine cut a square patch and the rest was left alone. This was a wheat field. I was with a co-worker and all I kept asking for was a lawn mower. It was a really bright beautiful day..when I looked around all I saw was green pasture but mine was the only wheat field.

Two weeks later ( Saturday night 2/26/10)

I believe it was about 3am. because I woke up to go to the bathroom. I went to sleep with absoulutely nothing on my mind.

My dream was of me walking down a city street with corner stores. I walk into this stadium with a lot of people, yet there is a place for me. I sit down and next to me is a gentleman. I can see the the singer and I see one looking at me and we have akward eye contact. Then gentleman next to me is the a preacher he goes up, I can see his face.. light skinned, dirty blond hair, light eyes and sweaty from preaching. He is preaching stading up but only has one leg. It looks like the other was amputated. at the end of his sermon he introduces some one as his helper and puts on a leg prosthetic. I don't remember what he was preaching about I do know he was an evangalist, I woke up knowing that.
This dream was so weird because I felt like I was actually there and the whole day it was on my mind.. I don't know if I had this asleep or awake thats why it's so weird for me.

Thanks for your help..
FYI.. God has spoke to me via dreams..

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