A dream about daughter and myself

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A dream about daughter and myself

Post by Tolos2009 on Sun Feb 28, 2010 5:46 pm

First dream happened about two weeks ago: I dreamt that my daughter who is 24 years old told me that the dr told her that she was possibly 16 wks pregnant and I asked her what she was going to do and she responded that she was going to put it in the washing machine. I left the room and looked up at the ceiling and said, I'm neva going to have any grandkids. Well i wasnt going to mention to her but she told me how God had led her back to a scripture that she had kinda tossed aside due to her own frustrations and that scripture was hab 2:3. So I shared with her and she begin to tell me how frustrated she was with her walk with the Lord. She had been praying for direction in her life (work, personal/a relationship/career) and she was not hearing him saying anything at all and she really earnestly wanted to hear him tell her something.
So i asked her to tell me what occurred 16 wks from now and she went to her emails back to nov 8th and her email read that she was ending a relationship with her bfriend due to his noncomittal to her and she was tired of going thru the same things over and over again. And than the bfriend showed up at her door and said he did want to be with her. But there relationship did end.

Any thoughts?

Second dream happened last week: I dreamt that I was riding in a car with my Bishop and I was talking to him about my desire to make a decision concerning my marriage (i have been separated for three years) and he chuckled and when he turned to talk to me he sounded like my father (well my father has been dead for three years)
And three years ago my father told me I had been in the middle too long and i needed to make a decision about my marriage. He told me I could come and stay with him and my mom and about two weeks later, my dad went to heaven and I moved in with my mom.
He gave me an answer but I dont remember it...but three years ago as well i had met with my pastor and he told me that I couldn't make my husband love me and that there were two women involved in this situation.

Any thoughts? but I believe i know the answer.

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