Being Stalked by Jorgee (Georgie) from Safaria??????

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Being Stalked by Jorgee (Georgie) from Safaria??????

Post by Christa on Sun Feb 28, 2010 5:28 pm

I was at school and this guy named "Jorgee" seemed to be interested in me. He didn't ask me very many questions, but he showed me pictures from his homeland "Safaria." It looked very tropical-ish, very green. There were bananas growing EVERYWHERE.

Next in my dream, I was on the computer, and Jorgee (pronounced "Georgie") had sent me 198 e-mails (I felt really uncomfortable about it). I noticed that he had part of my information....part of my address...part of my birthdate....part of my name. He was also under a Nigerian alias at times. Jorgee had light skin & a Spanish accent...looked like he was from Spain, but he was linked to a Nigerian guy somehow with these e-mails. It was like he was trying to lure me into an internet scam, but this guy REALLY did his homework....he knew A LOT about me.

I felt like I was being stalked by this guy. What seemed like an innocent crush at first, turned into this horrible nightmare of feeling violated by this guy.

****Just as a warning to everyone, if you don't know who's e-mailing you, just send it to the spam trash box. You don't have to look through all your e-mails, just trust your gut about them. If you accidentally send your friend to the spam pile, they'll forgive you later...better safe than sorry. There are a lot of scams on the internet, craigslist and facebook are loaded with them. Be very careful and if you truly don't know a person, don't open e-mails or accept them as friends on various sites.****
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