Responsible for house destruction?

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Responsible for house destruction?

Post by victoriouspalmbranch on Sun Feb 28, 2010 10:13 am

I dreamed I was in a room in my motherinlaws "house" with several other people. It was more like a bedroom (except with no furniture). It had a door and was a room all to itself. These unidentified people and I were playing with this miniature blimp, pushing it with our hands so it would float into the room. I thoght it was only supposed to go up about halfway from the floor to the ceiling. And this one young man who was in our group had pushed it, and it went up, touched the ceiling. Then the ceiling burst into flames. Part of the attic above the ceiling was destroyed as well. But in the dream I wondered how the fire did not continue to burn its way through the rest of the attic and ceiling throughout the house. It stayed contained to this ceiling/attic above this particular room. And then I realized I had to tell my mother in law (who was outside) that we had damaged her house. I was so afraid to go tell her because I knew how much she valued her house. I went to the door to go outside to tell her (which I thought that door was connected to a kitchen). But when I got there I decided not to tell her because I feared her anger.................
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